Saturday, May 20, 2017

You see things much clearer after you are rebuked reprimanded or experience pain

It is about getting better...

Rizal Philippines
May 20,2017

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Yesterday was a re oral for an MBA student whose prior presentation did not pass the panel scrutiny because of lack of FS.  During the early times, it would have been an F. But since the grading is now compartmentalized for the strama, the student is only required to take remedial action on the defective part.

But since the effort of the student to pass was thwarted, she was apparently hurt if not angry.  She forgot her USB and left her presentation at the computer.  She left in a huff.

She was asked yesterday what she learned from the experience  And she said she realized her mistake, and that she could have done better.

I told her that my frequent encounter with strama makes me better at evaluating real life business problems and in negotiations.  When we are on top of numbers and when we can easily grasp the importance of numbers vs the strategy then we can better captains of the industry.  In her case, better business woman, and better manager

I told her, mastery the real lesson comes from the things you missed and the things you did wrong.  What is important is that you make up and learn from that mistake.

Today, our AM talk was about offering our life to the Lord, the past, the present and out dreams.  Including our pains. and it makes us feel better.  We offer our pain and join to the Lord. It is part of our praise and offering to the Lord.

Our work, our achievements are our offerings to the Lord.  The prayer to the Lord consist of praise, gratitude and blessings (material and spiritual0

We do not run away from our problems, we run towards the problem.  The more we can live fully as  we solve our problems and become better in doing that