Saturday, February 18, 2017

When you feel pain you know you are alive

It is about getting better...

Rizal Philippines
February 18, 2017

I just watched a CI movie, X with benefits and there was this scene where the daughter had conversation between daughter and father Tirso Cruz III who had oxygen mask, and was recuperating from a stroke

The daughter was repenting and apologizing to her father for causing the latter pain (he had a stroke after he took care of her because she attempted suicide after breaking off with Derek Ramsey)

The father said that she must change her attitude towards pain.

He recalled that as his daughter was born she was not crying (as is an indication that the infant is alive) and was still.  The nurse slapped the baby hard, once twice.  The father said do not hurt my baby.  The nurse said it is all right to slap the baby sir, to know if she/he is alive.  And on the third try, the infant cried.

Thus he said, you must feel pain to know if you are alive