Sunday, October 16, 2016

One of the worlds best prosthetic maker, believes in patience and being client focussed

It is about getting better...

Rizal Philippines
October 16, 2016

Another one from NHK.

NHK today featured one of the best prosthetic maker in Japan,  Fumio Usui

His goal has been three fold with those whom he makes prosthesis for:   1.  to walk 2.  for comfort
and 3 to make them look good.   Number 1 is easy but 2 and 3 had been formidable tasks

So for making the patient feel comfortable, it has been agonizing;  sometimes he feels like giving up but that is not possible for him to give up on his word.  So he has to be patient and try and try again until he gets it right again  For a certain client Watanabe, he could get the prosthesis right and says he is only there 65%.  She also wants to walk with high heels.

He is 61 and has made 400 prosthesis for Japanese who have lost their legs.  For him it is a passion.  when he goes home he looks at how people walk, and wonders how he can make other people walk,

Athletes who want to compete in paralympics seek his help.  He is considered the best in Japan and the world because  of his his passion and work ethic

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