Sunday, August 6, 2017

How to train better and more effectively?

It is about getting better...

Rizal Philippines
August 6, 2017

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Yesterday, grabbed a newspaper from  fastfood while having breakfast.  We were on our way to Pangasinan for a business meeting.

What caught my attention was the article of Francis J Kong, Business Matters on page b3.

He says that the best trainers are both able to inform and transform.  It is not enough for a trainor or a speaker to have facts and figures - information, if cant transform his audience.  You may be funny or entertaining, but if you cant inspire your audience, then you have failed as as trainer or consultant. You may be funny or be like a stand up comedian, but if you cant create change in the minds of your  listener, then it is time wasted for your audience and sponsors.

You must also develop CRITICAL THINKING (we have emphasized this in MBA or when we teach leadership or entrepreneurship. For personal  development we need in the area of learning to think to develop critical thinking)

What is critical thinking according to Kong?   It is the process of accepting new ideas (being open to innovation and creativity and other options)  withholding judgement, and possibly to create your own new ideas.

The trainor and or the boss must have the ability to connect the hearts and the head, and make the trainee use the ideas he has learned to be applied in his job.   Thus, our method of making our people reflect should be suffient:

                            1. What did I learn from the book/training?

                            2, What is the relationship to what I all ready know?

                            3.  How can I apply these learnings to my job?