Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Donating Bibles for Evangelization Project of Bible Expedition

It is about getting better...

Is this part of  being better, being involved in evangelization? Maslows hierarchy of needs, this is part of search for meaningful experience or search for meaning.

I am picking this as an advocacy. Initially to donate 2,000 bibles and then target for 10,000 next year.

December 10, 2017

Invitation to join an Evangelization Program of Bible Expedition

12 important reasons why Evangelization is important

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                                                     Why the Bible and eyeglasses go together

This post was invited several times all ready by  a friend in the past Dale Abenojar, sa 4x4 adventures to donate to an Evangelization program. As everybody knows, Dale was the first Filipino to scale Mt. Everest via the difficult traverse route... This would cost P40.00 for the full size Bible, and P15.00 for the reading glasses.  According to him they will donate

                             20,000 Bibles   x P40.00    =                P800,000

                             10,000 Reading glasses  x P15.00    =  P150,000

                                             Total                                      950,000

to 10 municipalities of Occidental Mindoro.

Why the large bible?   So that the elderly, those with poor eyesight can read?
Why the  eyeglasses ?  So that those with really poor eyesight  can read... They go together.

This is very low considering that the lowest priced bible of Philippine Bible Society is at P295.00 The new testament is P65.00

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                                                          Full size Bible

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I was thinking we could be good for 2,000 bibles for the project and we buy 500 Bibles as souvenirs for the family of the deceased.  That would cost us P100,000.   P80,000 for the  2,000 bible and P20,000 for 500 bibles as souvenirs for the deceased.

It is part of our mandate as Christians to spread the Word to be part of this Evangelization.

Dale said that Evangelization has been his calling since 2,000.   He founded the Bible Expedition Ministries and is a full time missionary and evangelist.  He is confirmed by Elizabeth Hawley as the first Filipino to summit Mt. Everest and at the difficult North Col.   He was 2,614th. Oracion was 2,740

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                                                 Picture ni Dale sa Mt. Everest Summit